Late Night Poet

The broken cling to the broken

Hoping to salvage each other

Only to end up breaking more

And blaming themselves

From my ears
To my toes

That bubbly
Got me feeling

Real good

His teeth break skin
And fingers graze

And memory recalls

I have never been
Loved like this before

I love you easily

So I may now
Love you deeply,
And furthermore…
Without distraction


some existential animation poetry


some existential animation poetry

"She loves him too much"
They whisper behind my back

But what a problem to have
Loving too much.
I am not ashamed

"I won’t be there if it ends"
They swear up and down

And if our love dies
Who said I’d ask you to?
I don’t need your pity

"Their love is unhealthy"
They gossip around

Unhealthy? To love a man
Who treats me well?
Says the divorced and cheating