Late Night Poet

An excerpt from my 1st short story:

 There were 5 other people scattered in the room, 2 boys and 3 girls, all between the ages of 14-17. Over at the table talking there was a shy young girl with long brown hair, a black hoodie, and a look of dread. She was being talked at, she didn’t seem to be responding back, by a boy with scraggly hair and a look that makes you question if he belonged to the wing next door with the permanent residence. On the couch was a large boy laughing at a movie with a long legged girl who almost snorted the water she was drinking out of her nose. Heather pulled up a chair at a different table and faced the tv. It looked like they were watching Benchwarmers and about half way through. Heather has seen this movie a million times, so instead she focused her attention on the couch. It was “L” shaped, made of a leather that was an unattractive dark green color, and looked like it had seen the end of world war II.

Reader beware

If you get mud on your shoe while trekking through my blog then it is your own fault if it ends up on your shoes.

It was there long before you got here and will dry long after you are gone.

But remember, mud will chip and shake off.

I claim to be a poet
Weaving words and
Forming tapestries

But when I speak
Aloud to my love
My words fall flat

A waterfall of rocks
Pour from my mouth
Scattering all around

You are the sun
My true center

And I’d go blind
Burning your image
Into my mind

(Source: Flickr / kjohansen)

Exciting news

I am starting a short story and will be getting it published!

It’s a collection of different writers and it includes a book signing event!

I’ll post a snippet of my story once I finish it. So be on the look out for it.