Late Night Poet
I wish I was in your life more. I would like to be your friend again and help more often I'm not the best friend ever but I always try to talk to people when I can.
- Anonymous

I am always opened to rekindling friendships. Mainly because 9000% of the time, I was the jackass who ruined it. Either I was too passionate about something or I wasn’t passionate enough. Also I tend to stick my foot in my mouth.

So in short, message me sometime and we can be friends again :)

Oh and I love your poetry honestly .. I wish I could be creative enough to do what you do .. It's incredible
- Anonymous

Thank you :) I love hearing that people enjoy what I do :3

Hi c: you're ganna be okay .. I promise .. sweet dreams
- Anonymous

Thanks :*



Can’t sleep tonight. Not exactly sure why.

Also, don’t feel in a poetic mood….. so I’m just gonna write some stuff here…

Recently discovered my ex cheated on me. Mr. Big-Devout-Catholic who shamed me for showing too much arm. That’s been a trip.

Luckily, I have a pretty stellar boyfriend who understands. He let’s me be in my funk but always manages to keep my head about water ♡♡♡

I quit one of my three jobs cause my bosses are psychotic. I asked one how I could be more helpful and she assumed I was after her job (she’s got way more issues than that). My other boss was widely inappropriate and demeaning.

My mom nearly died from blood clots and still potentially can….. but she’s been rocking the whole recovery thing.

Also, I would love to talk with you guys more. So feel free to send me messages/asks and what not! Xoxoxo

Still working on my next book.

Stay tuned.

I have been paranoid
Watching and waiting

Near death, yours or not
Is scary when it’s close by

What if I’m next in line?
What if I don’t make it?

Could I have a loaded gun
Ready in my veins?